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FAQs: Band Instrument Rental

Band Instrument Rental Frequently Asked Questions


There is a "no fault" return policy on all Advance Music rentals.  Call the number provided on the pink card you took home when you rented the instrument, then call us here at Advance, and then return it to the school, or to us here in Burlington.  There will be no additional charges incurred.

You are more than welcome to come in to Advance Music 7 days a week or you can contact your child's teacher and we can drop items off at your child's school.  We will be making very frequent visits to all the schools throughout the year.  You may also download our Accessory Order Form here.

  1. Your child may not be 100% sure about the instrument they have chosen to play, renting gives you the option of making a change if needed or desired.
  2. Renting an instrument takes the initial wear-and -tear of the beginner instrumentalist.
  3. The maintenance and insurance plan included with the rental, keeps the instrument playing its best, covering repairs or replacing the instrument if lost or stolen.
  4. Renting allows time to evaluate the students dedication to playing and helps to determine what type of instrument is right for the longer term.
  5. Renting offers a risk-free opportunity. The contract ends when you return the instrument, you only pay for the months the instrument is being used.
  6. Rent-to-own. The monthly payments are applied toward the purchase of the instrument. If the student sticks with it , it's yours after approximately 3 years of making a small monthly payments.

Woodwinds and Brass instruments can be classified into three general categories: Student, Intermediate and Professional. There can also be a few subdivisions within these three broad groups.

A qualified teacher or salesperson can help make good recommendations based on the description of the student and individual's musical history and intentions.

Student line are the best choice for young and beginner musicians they are built for economy and durability. Select a quality name brand instrument.

Many used instruments can be quite reliable and usable for musicians of any level. As a general rule brass & percussion  instruments are more durable than woodwinds. Woodwind instruments use fragile pads and have delicate parts, like springs, corks and felts. They also require precise adjustments.  Pads deteriorate with time and use.  They may tear, mildew, swell or become damaged.  Other small parts can be missing as well. Have a musician, teacher or  technician  check out the used instrument for you before you buy to insure playability.  Used can be an excellent way to go for many individuals, as long as the instrument is selected with care.

No you don't. We recommend it as it's a great chance to meet teachers, other parents and students, but If it's more convenient, you can RENT ONLINE, or come to Advance Music 7 days a week.

You can change instruments during the first 2 months using the same paperwork...after that, new contracts would be needed.

Parent's, never try to repair an instrument at home. Bring the instrument to the teacher or call the Dealer or repair shop where it can be properly serviced.  Many Instruments require special tools and can be easily damaged even further if proper repair techniques are not followed.

We understand that Vermonters are the most honest people in the world, but our rental affiliate requires this information as these instruments are very expensive, and in the event that payments are missed and the instrument needs to be tracked down.  Trust that your information will be held in the strictest confidence, and it is NEVER provided to any second source or mass mailers...EVER!  Thank you for your understanding on this sensitive subject.

YES!  Simply click here to be transported to our online rental site.  You can also download the Rental Form by clicking here and fill it out, then mail it back to us to get started in our rental program.  You can drop it in the mail, which is obviously the slowest route, fax it to us at 802-865-4687, or scan and email it.  Contracts are processed the same day they are received, and school delivery will be within 2 working days.

Encourage your child to stick with it for at least the school year. Often students want to quit after the first couple of months because they are not seeing the progress that they wanted or were hoping for. Playing an instrument takes practice and perseverance. Only a very select few are instant prodigies.

Be supportive and patient and help students find ways to make practicing fun!

Parents, I can only say, don't worry! They’re kids, let them try, they may like it or they may hate it, and it's OK!  The rental program is for you!  So, don’t consider it as money thrown away if they quit, investing in your child's education to any extent is never a loss.  Not to mention, it always amazing what kids learn, even when you feel they have not invested a lot of time or energy.

Some school music teachers may attempt to match or suggest an instrument to students according to physical characteristics such as lip shape, mouth shape, hand size and overall physique. Others will attempt to suggest or convince students to try particular instruments in order to end up with a balanced band or orchestra. The best overall method is to simply encourage students to choose according to the sound of the instrument or personal preference.

Each instrument has a unique sound, size and appearance. Each student will tend to be attracted to certain sounds more than others. Students should hear the various instruments performed live, if possible ,by competent performers , watch videos or listen to recordings featuring the different instruments to help them decide.

Students who end up with an instrument that they don’t care for, are less motivated to practice and are less likely to succeed.

Discount outlets or department stores often sell inferior quality instruments. These instruments may look like high quality but are generally made with inferior materials and often poor craftsmanship, thus making repair difficult if not impossible in many cases. Often parts are not available to repair them.

Purchasing an instrument of poor quality can hinder the progress the student makes while learning and can be frustrating if the instrument does not perform well.

It is always a good idea to try an instrument first before purchasing as well as speak to an experienced salesperson who can answer questions or concerns you might have.

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