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Strings, Picks, and Cases...Oh My!

Is your guitar looking a little worse for the wear? Are your strings missing that brilliance they had the day you took it home? Is your neck dusty, gunky and crooked ? We stock all the essential accessories that will keep your guitar sounding great. Pick up some polish and a finishing cloth that will preserve your guitar's finish and make your axe look hall of fame ready. Change your strings!  We stock string sets from several of the  top manufacturers - D'Addario, DR, GHS, Ernie Ball, Fender and more - all to make sure you get the tuning and feel you want from your strings - and if you keep breaking that high B string, or need a set that's not on the market we'll make the set you want right up at the front counter.

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In addition to the gear that will keep your guitar going, we have a huge selection of products designed to make your life easier. Get a string winder and avoid twisting tuners for 30+ minutes. Get a capo to play those nice open tunings anywhere on the neck! Got a dollar? Use it to mix and match from our HUGE selection of Dunlop, PickBoy, Fender and Clayton picks. Try a slide (or maybe even an E-Bow for radically different tones). Is your guitar spending a bit too much time on the couch or leaning precariously against the coffee table? Protect your investment with a gig bag or floor stand. Going back to school, or away on vacation and can't bear to leave your guitar? A hardshell case can offer you a level of protection that will impress even the most disgruntled of baggage handlers. Adorn your home with wall hangers, keeping your instruments safely above the floor and adding an instant touch of class. And we can't stress enough - humidify, humidify, humidify! We see so many guitars come in with problems due to dryness. We stock very effective guitar humidifers from D'addario/Planet Waves and Oasis. October through March can be tough on your guitar without proper humidification. Come in and chat with us about your particular needs.

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