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Guitar Amps

For guitarists seeking a great tone, the amp is paramount!


Aguitar players amplifier is as much a part of their sound and tone as the neck, bridge, pickups, and strings. It shapes and defines your signature sound, can add effects, and ultimately, lets you play louder music to compete with other amplified instruments. With so much attention focused on which guitars give you what sound, and which play the best, and look the nicest, the lowly guitar amplifier is often ignored, especially by beginning guitarists. Keep in mind that a sub-par guitar played through a great amp can still sound fairly decent, but even the best guitars, when played through a bad amplifier will always sound dreadful.

We all have to start somewhere - at Advance Music we are determined to make sure your first amplifier serves you long after you're a beginner. We sell a variety of affordable, small, combo amplifiers, with a wide range of features, that are ideal for beginners.   At Advance Music, we take great care to stock our sales floor with a variety of different amplifiers to meet the needs of any guitarist.

  • Auxiliary inputs allow you to play tracks from your ipod, laptop, walkman, etc., through your amp for play along practice, a great way to learn to play your favorite songs
  • Headphone outputs allow you to practice silently and privately at any hour. Is your parent/roommate/spouse/neighbor not as enthusiastic about your 2:00am practice sessions as you are? Keep the peace with a simple pair of headphones.
  • On board effects give your amp the ability to dial in effects such as reverb, distortion, or chorus easily and quickly, and many amps allow you to save your favorite tones as quick presets. Our amps feature some of the top industry processors from Roland, Peavey, Marshall and Fender

Advance Music is locally owned and operated

Looking for something with a bit more sound and volume? Advance stocks professional grade tube and solid state amplifier heads for all types of musical applications. You can match these with extension speaker cabinets such as a 1x10, 1x12, or 2x12, as well as the larger speaker cabinets such as a 4x12 or 1x15 for your very own "wall of sound." We also stock a wide variety of combo amps perfect for practice, smaller gigs or the recording studio. With names like Fender, Marshall, Roland, Peavey and more, we are proud to offer the largest selection of guitar amplification in Vermont and the upstate New York area.

An acoustic guitar's natural amplification is seldom enough to cut it in a live performance situation. We carry a selection of amplifiers that are designed to address the unique concerns that arise when amplifying an acoustic instrument. We carry Fender, Roland, and Fishman amplifiers as well as the new Bose and Fishman solo performance systems. Are you busking, playing around a campfire, hanging by the beach, or some similar location without power? We stock several smaller acoustic amps with the capability to run off of battery or DC power, eliminating the need for a wall outlet. Additionally, most of our acoustic amps feature seperate guitar and vocal channels, offering the perfect solution for the singer/songwriter who wants to play the coffee house size shows.

  • Roland MICRO CUBE GX Guitar Amplifier
  • Fender Super-Sonic Amp Demo by Greg Koch at GearFest
  • Jet City Amplification JCA100H Amp Head
  • CUBE XL Series Guitar Amplifiers: CUBE-15XL & CUBE-20XL
  • Fender Mustang Amps V.2 Demo | Fender
  • Roland CUBE-80X Introduction (part 1)
  • The VOX Night Train Series - A versatile amplifier lineup that will thrive in any music scene!
  • ANDY JAMES - BURN IT DOWN shred solo using the Blackstar Series One 1046L6
  • Private video
  • Fender Pawn Shop Vaporizer | Fender
  • Fender® Super-Sonic™ Amplifier Demo | Fender
  • Oli Brown, blues virtuoso guitarist : Blackstar Artist Spotlight
  • Gus G. demonstrates the new Blackstar HT-Blackfire
  • In The Studio: Freddy DeMarco and VOX Custom Series Tips (AC30C2, AC15C1, AC4C1-BL)
  • Roland JC-40 JAZZ CHORUS guitar amplifier

We're here to help, and believe it or not, we really enjoy it!

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