Other Acoustic Instruments

With Vermont's largest collection of acoustic instruments it wouldn't be fair to let the guitars hog the spotlight.

We stock a large variety of stringed instruments for all musical tastes and styles. If all your friends are learning guitar, why not break away from the pack and try banjo, mandolin or a resonator guitar? We stock beginner and intermediate level instruments for players of all ages and experience. From companies such as Fender, Squier, Washburn and Gretsch. We carry an ample supply of traditional 5 string banjos, and even some new 6 string guitar/banjo hybrids. With our well stocked selection of banjo sheet music, cases, straps, strings, capos, finger picks and other accessories, you'll be playing the theme from Deliverance in no time.

 Don't let the small body fool you; our selection of mandolins are ready to lend their 8 strings and rich, fully-voiced timbre to your musical stylings. With acoustic and electric models from Ibanez, Washburn and Fender we're ready to work within your budget, while finding an instrument that suits your musical needs. As with all our instruments, we carry the full line of accessories to make playing a snap. Strings, cleaners, cases, DVDs, sheet music: if you can name it we'll find a way to get it to you.

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 While we may not feel any warm Pacific breezes up in Vermont anytime soon, we are proud to offer a large selection of ukuleles and accessories. If you've never played an instrument before and are looking for an inexpensive 'thing with strings' to strum, the ukulele is a fun, affordable instrument, perfect for beginners and young kids. To really get into the "aloha spirit' we also stock several intermediate ukuleles made of Koa and other traditional Hawaiian ukulele materials. We carry ukuleles from Gretsch, Oscar Schmidt, Kala, Fender and Martin. Come in and check them out.

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