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Frequently Asked Questions - PA Rental

FAQs - PA Rental

The only DJ equipment we currently have available for rent is a dual CD player - we are very aware that as technology marches on, that most DJ's have computer based MP3 systems, either IPod or laptop...these people generally reat one of our many PA syatems and connect their gear to that...our dual CD player setup is for those folks who still have a huge pile of CD's and want to do a "CD" based gig.

No, however, there are several companies in the area that do large scale sound and lighting production.  We are happy to put you in touch with any of them. 

We do. We have two different professional level drum kits to choose from.  A Pearl Masters "Dennis Chambers" 5 piece kit, and a Taye 5 piece "Maple" kit.  These Drumsets come complete with cases and all required hardware, and Zildjian cymbals are available as well.  Some drummers prefer to use their own cymbals so we have ours as a separate rental line item.  We also have extra hardware available if your setup requires it.

Yes!  We have a variety of professional quality guitar amps and bass amps.  Click here to see our backline rental options.

We have a small (2000 ANSI lumens) HD compatible projector and screen available.

Generally we do not rent systems for longer than a week.  If you are looking for a longer rental it is generally a better financial choice to purchase the equipment, or if your needs are more permanent, you may want to contact Advance System Design - a division of Advance Music.

We offer a wide range of small to mid sized sound systems. They are color coded and easy for anyone to set up.  We are open 7 days a week for easy pick up and returns, or to answer any questions you may have.  Our rental rates are the lowest in the area.

Yes and no.....

On a general basis we do not rent stringed instruments. That being said, we have been known to make exceptions. If we have an instrument in our used section, we might consider renting it out on a short term basis. Let's say you're in town for a week, and didn't want to bring your acoustic guitar with you, or perhaps you are getting some repairs done to your instrument but have a show to least make the call and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.

We provide everything you need to connect your sound system and start making music.  You'll get a duffel bag that contains cables to hook up the speakers, microphones with cables, the power cord, and any additional cables you have requested.  We include microphone stands, speaker stands, and a cable to hook up your iPod, Laptop, or CD Player should you need it.  We can also provide a variety of microphone stands, adapters, or extra long cables on request.

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