Guitar Instruction On-Line

There is no substitute for personalized one-on-one lessons, and Advance Music has one of Vermont's most respected lesson programs. If you want to augment your lessons at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, then is just what the doctor ordered!  There are resources for guitarists of all styles and levels, featuring accurate tab transcriptions, exclusive video lessons, revolutionary video song instruction, and audio tracks for demonstration and play-along.

Advance Music is locally owned and operated

Discover a powerful and convenient way to enhance your playing with guitar tabs, scales, licks and more. With, all of the lessons are available on-demand and ready for streaming to your computer screen. Download and print guitar and bass sheet music for as little as 99¢, download or stream video lessons by world-renowned guitar teachers for as little as $1.99, download or stream audio backing tracks for 99¢, and download or stream video song lessons with on-screen tab for $1.99.

If you are not already enrolled in our lesson program, remember that Advance offer lessons 7 days a week, and will do our absolute best to accomodate your busy schedule.  Enroll online or call us today at 802.863.8652

Advance offers lessons in electric, acoustic, and bass guitar, as well as drums, piano, violin and voice

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